COVID 19 case study Zebra Housing Association

COVID 19 case study Zebra Housing Association

At the start of the contract, we deliberately spread the sites to as many ‘lone cleaners’ as possible. The purpose was to contain any possible contamination to the cleaner and site.

As all our cleaners are employees (Enhanced DBS ‘Live Update’) they are at all times covered by the Health and Safety at work Act. Therefore Happy Hands Cleaning Services owes a duty of care to our staff and to ensure they are trained and protected to reduce harm.

All our cleaners have received the following training during this Pandemic:

Queen Elizabeth award-winning CITATION training;

  • Coronavirus COVID 19
  • COSHH awareness for employees
  • Fire Extinguisher use
  • Fire Safety awareness
  • Basic food awareness
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Hand Hygiene for Care
  • Health and Safety awareness
  • Social distancing.

The above training is robust allowing our cleaners to work with confidence and safety.

Our current clients. London Borough of Brent Early Years, Zebra Housing (Imperial College, LSE, UCL) London Borough of Camden LSI FE, has allowed us access to comprehensive DFE/Public Health England guidance on cleaning these properties.

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